Discreet Drafts & Covert Crafts

Love the idea of having a kegerator in your home, but know that a bulky, stainless steel box is just not going to fly? Us too.

Enter Inkegnito.

When most people think of a home kegerator, they think back to that make-shift 1980’s fridge their frat brother made in college. Times have changed, and so has the kegerator. Instead of keeping a keg in your garage or basement, bring it inside.

Let’s face it, having a drink is typically paired with socializing or relaxing – both of which occur in the living room. With Inkegnito, kegerators are no longer banished to the basement and you can enjoy you cold carbonated beverage of choice without consequence.

Inkegnito is a sleek and stylish draft system designed to seamlessly integrate into your home or office. Offering the first and only covert rotating tap tower, our taps can rotate 180 degrees to keep your tap hidden from view when not in use. What’s even better? Tap Towers can easily be changed out for different styles and occasions. Truly versatile, the hidden refrigerator keeps sixth barrels and CO2 chilled or add the racks to store 80 cans and bottles.

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