Learn about Inkegnito products

Conventional kegerators are bulky, boring, and obtrusive. InKegnito is a sleek and stylish draft system designed to seamlessly integrate into your home, office, or event space. Inkegnito makes your kegerator system as discreet, or as memorable, as you want it to be!

The tap towers can be rotated out of view, disguising the faucet or easily changed out for different occasions, or even removed. Inkegnito is fully customizable to fit in with your personal style and decor choices.

Draft beverages including beer, wine, soda, seltzer, kombucha, cold brew coffee, and more. If it’s distributed in a Cornelius keg, "slim" quarter keg, Sixth barrel (aka Sixtel) or Pub keg, then it will work with Inkegnito.


Overall Dimensions:

  • Inkegnito: 36" Wide
  • Minkegnito:  27" Wide
  • 40"  Tall
  • 18" Depth (note - due to the custom nature of our products, these dimensions may vary slightly!)

Beverage Capacity:

  • Fits Quarter (1/4) & Sixth (1/6, "sixtel") barrels, Cornelius (homebrew "Corny" kegs), and 2.5 gallon kegs.
  • Quarter barrel holds (80) 12 ounce drafts 


  • Front ventilation reduces energy needs
  • Push button controls make it easy to set desired temperature
  • Digital blue LED temperature display
  • Optimal temperature range for craft brews: 38 – 50°F
  • Compressor-based cooling system
  • Interior fan for maximum convective air circulation

Draft Components:

  • Type 304 grade stainless steel draft faucet
  • High density foam insulated tap towers
  • Choose from “Sanky D” coupling or ball lock connections
  • 1/4" ID vinyl beverage tubing and 3/4" beverage gas lines
  • Leak-proof hose fittings
  • Beverage tubing quick disconnect allows for easier cleaning
  • Regulator is provided

Cabinet construction:

  • High quality cabinet-grade plywood assembled by expert craftsmen
  • Choose from gorgeous natural wood grains or traditional or vibrant paint choices
  • Durable finishes to withstand spills
  • Mid-Century Modern design features
  • Solid metal door handles and soft close door hinges