Mid-Century Cabinet Kegerator


These beautiful kegerator cabinets serve up a classic retro style in addition to your favorite chilled beverages. Each piece is hand-crafted by skilled carpenters. The kegerator and all required draft equipment are included (keg coupler, CO2 regulator, CO2 tank, hoses, and hardware). These custom pieces are offered in multiple finishes. Each item is an original and no two pieces are exactly alike.


  • 40"h x 36"w x 18" d
  • Made with solid plywood core and mid-century design details
  • Forced-air refrigeration technology with digital temperature control
  • Includes keg coupler, CO2 regulator, CO2 tank, hoses, and hardware (tap tower sold separately)
  • 6" door pulls in matte black or brushed nickel finish
  • 7" shelves for additional storage of barware, glassware, wine or liquor

Possible Keg Configurations:

  • 1 slim quarter keg
  • 1 sixth barrel keg
  • 1 Cornelius keg